What is a Bierock?

Bierocks are sandwiches that have a filling of meat, cabbage, onion, and other spices, encased in a yeast dough shell. Fresh vegetables and lean meats are used in all products. The dough and meat fillings are made fresh each day prior to assembling the product. Each product is hand formed, packaged and shipped frozen. There are currently three flavors of bierocks:

  • Hamburger
  • Hamburger with Cheese
  • German Brand Sausage

The German Brand Sausage is made fresh from 2/3 ground beef, 1/3 ground pork, and German Sausage seasonings. This is not a spicy product.

Preservative Free - With unbleached and whole wheat flours.

Individually hand formed with lean meats and fresh vegetables.

The nearest you'll find to the aroma and flavor of Mother's best breads.

Bierocks are produced under guidelines set forth by FSIS/USDA under the supervision of an on-site meat inspector.

Becky's Bierocks are a registered product with the Kansas Department of Commerce.


Becky's Bierocks began as a menu item for a local restaurant which evolved into selling the bierocks in "take home" quantities and eventually led to selling to local markets. B&R Bierocks, Inc opened on June 1, 1991 with one employee. What started as a small cottage industry has grown to include sales throughout Kansas and surrounding states. B&R Bierocks, Inc is owned and operated by Becky Roberson, St. Francis, KS. We sell to both retail and wholesale markets. Our markets include grocery stores, meat processing plants, convenience stores, hospitals, restaurants, coffee houses, and to schools and organizations for concessions and/or fund raising events.


PICTURE TOUR: From our kitchen to your plate

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Becky's Bierocks
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B&R Bierocks, Inc
306 S College Street
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